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Electric & Natural Gas Procurement


AES is a licensed energy broker in PA, NJ, MD, DC, OH, CT, NY, RI, MA, IL and TX. We have a network of over 40+ electric and natural gas suppliers willing to compete on our customers' Request for Proposals. We manage our customers' utility accounts and we are constantly monitoring the market for future cost savings purchasing strategies.





Solar Development


AES's affiliate, Solar Renewable Energy, LLC (SRE) is a turnkey solar developer with significant experience in solar ownership structures, financing, development, operation and construction/installation of solar projects.






Energy Efficiency Projects


With an AES lighting audit, we can show your business how upgrading your current light system with new high efficiency lighting saves energy and provides a high return on investment.






Audits & Consulting


AES has a team of energy professionals that have the knowledge, expertise and experience to perform Lighting Audits, Utility Bill Audits and Sales Tax Studies.







Demand Response


Demand Response (DR) is a voluntary PJM program that compensates customers for reducing their electricity use (load), when requested by PJM, during periods of high power prices or when the reliability of the grid is threatened. AES participates in the following DR programs, Emergency (Summer Program), Economic, SYNC Reserve and Frequency Response.







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Solar Renewable Energy


They have developed over 60 commercial solar projects and produce over 30 MW in annual solar production!