Energy Supply Procurement


Achieve Energy Solutions manages energy procurement for companies and government entities with annual energy budgets ranging from thousands to millions of kW usage. AES serves its customers by helping them strengthen their energy purchases and formulate strategies. With our knowledge, technical capabilities and intellectual capital, we develop and execute strategies that lower annual costs for energy consumption, manage price risk and simplify energy procurement.


AES analyzes your facility consumption data, existing contracts, wholesale markets and supplier rates and tariffs. Through this process, we can source energy procurement to gain the most competitively priced and reliable electricity or natural gas. AES guarantees consistent, predictable delivery while helping customers purchase energy at cost effective rates. AES specialists can also identify renewable energy sources for environmentally conscious institutions and entities at competitive rates.




Demand Response


Automated demand response can be used by commercial, government, industrial, and institutional enterprises to maximize energy savings or develop an additional source of revenue. Many utilities and load response companies now offer demand response programs that provide cash rebates to partners who agree to reduce or curtail their energy use at peak times.


Our solar energy arrays allow customers to take advantage of demand response incentives without disruption to their organizations. Automated energy demand response controls coupled with on-site generation using solar energy use from the grid. Combined with a competitive Energy Supply Procurement contract, demand response can generate the capital needed for facility improvements, new development or additional staff.




Section 179D: Energy Efficient Building Tax Deduction


Encourages building owners to increase energy efficiency in new and remodeled buildings through immediate tax deduction for costs incurred which increase energy efficiency of commercial and government owned buildings. For government-owned buildings, the building owner may allocate the 179D deduction to the building’s environmental consultant or energy services provider. Learn more here.


Taking advantage of the 179D Federal EPAct Tax Benefit will allow your budget dollars to stretch further while realizing the long-term benefits of an energy efficient building through decreased maintenance costs and lower power consumption. Also with the ability to receive a rebate from AES and/or a discount in services provided by your Architect or Engineer, you can reinvest those dollars on other priorities or save them for future needs.


Choosing to partner with AES can not only help you achieve greater energy efficiency for your building but also help you realize real immediate and long-term cost savings! For all services offered by AES, there are no out of pocket expenses for your business. AES offers a large variety of energy solutions that have helped countless businesses across Pennsylvania realize an annual cost savings. Assisting your business achieve greater energy efficiency while producing cost savings is our #1 priority. Call or email your local AES representative to schedule a meeting to further discuss.




Energy Efficiency


Energy efficiency is one of the easiest ways to decrease your carbon footprint while reducing your total energy costs as a consumer.  With an AES Energy Efficiency Analysis, we can show your business how upgrading your current light systems with new high efficiency lighting saves energy and provides a high return on investment.


Benefits of lighting retrofits for your facility:


i.    Up to 55% energy savings

ii.   A return on your investment in 1-5 years

iii.  Increased quality of light longer lamp life

iv.  No lamp warm up/cool down period

v.   Reduced maintenance costs

vi.  Eligibility for utility incentives and rebates




Renewable Energy


Photo-voltaic systems, otherwise known as solar electric systems, have never been more cost-effective to install. This is because of efficiency enhancements that allow for more flexible placement and U.S. government tax incentives. Lower solar energy costs have removed the barrier that has traditionally prevented enterprises, institutions, and municipalities from investing in on of the most environmentally friendly and non-disruptive energy technologies available.


Achieve Energy Solutions is a turnkey developer with experience in solar ownership structures, financing, development, construction-installation, registration and monitoring of solar power generation and related SRECs. AES will create your solar master plan, conduct a feasibility study that identifies the best options and provide service excellence which fits your needs from design through management.


AES has significant experience with following solar ownership structures:

i.    Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

ii.   Power Service Agreement (PSA)

iii.  Direct Ownership (Host Customer Owned)








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Solar Renewable Energy


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